In these times when consensus seems so hard to find, I believe we can all agree on at least one thing: Washington is simply not working for New York’s 7th Congressional District. While our nation’s capital is consumed by gridlock and partisan bickering, average New Yorkers continue to face uncertainty, frustration and a very real sense that both their opportunities and their freedoms are being eroded.

Like many of you, I watched from the sidelines for years hoping that our Government would find a way to stop standing in the way of the only forces that will ever provide us with the strength to overcome our challenges: the resourcefulness, the ingenuity, the character and the hard work of the American people.

After taking the pulse of the district, speaking to this diverse community and listening to its people’s concerns and aspirations, I have decided to move away from the sidelines and embark upon the path of service.

I am proud to announce my candidacy for Congress as a new generation Republican representing New York City’s 7th Congressional District and I humbly ask for your support.